Pickling bath -T 100, T 100 Concentrate

Product Description
The Pickling bath removes annealing colours, welding scale and corrosion products on weld seams and surfaces of stainless steel. T100 does not contain hydrochloric acid.

Product Selection

T 100   Ready mixed
T 100   Concentrate (1:1 dilute with water)
N 100   Maintainance Concentrate (Additions subject to Analysis)

The optimum application time in the pickling bath depends on temperature, material and surface conditions and has to be checked by trial.
Approx. Values:
1.4301 approx. 30 mins.
1.4571 approx. 60 180 mins.
Higher alloyed stainless steel and special alloy steels may need longer pickling times.

Our service programme includes the control of the pickling bath for acid and metal content, as well as the calculation of the required addition of the N100 maintenance concentrate on customers demand.

To note!
Do not use and store under heat influence. Please observe the hazard and safety advice on container label.
The indication of product suitability and associated notes are based on our experience, are not recommendations and are not legally binding. Please test product before use. We reserve the right to amendments.

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