IBS Parts Cleaning Device Type G-50-W

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IBS Type G-50-W
IBS Type G-50-W


  • ideal for use in every repair shop or maintenance department
  • compact and stable
  • ergonomic construction
  • 3 years service warranty for device and pump (if using IBS Special Cleaner)

By pressing the foot switch the self priming IBS Special Pump moves the cleaner from the drum through the hose to the brush.

During the manual cleaning process fresh liquid is flowing out and the soiled liquid flows back into the drum.

The heavy dirt particles fall down to the bottom of the drum. The pump sucks fresh cleaning agent from the middle of the bar-rel. An extended service life of the special cleaner is ensured.

The drum with the dirty liquid is simply re-placed with a drum containing fresh IBS special cleaning.

Technical data

Capacity50 kg
Container size max.50 l
Working height895 mm
Working area (inside dimensions)646 x 465 mm
Power supply voltage (electrical)230 / 50 V/Hz
Length656 mm
Width475 mm
Height1074 mm
Weight (without drum)25 kg
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