IBS Chain-Spray VivaLub

Artikel-Nr.: 2050247



Multiple application
Ideal for excessive used bicycle and motorcycle chains, toothed gear, worm gear, joints, casters, ball bearing, coupling and clutshes.

Application advantages

  • synthetic lubricant – no resinification
  • intensive long term inside and outside lubrication for different drive elements without regreasing device
  • extremly high adhesive power – because of spezial additives
  • excellent creeping properties, gets into hard to reach places and crevices
  • protection of chains and cabels etc. and protects from any wear
  • temperature resistant from -30°C to 150°C

Air quality controle requirements

- TA-Luft (The German Clean Air Act) – NK, proportion: 52,8 %
- Water hazard class  – WGK 2

This cleaning agent is available as 500 ml spray cans. The packing unit (minimum order quantity) is 1 carton containing 12 spray cans.

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