IBS Special Cleaning Agent Quick

200 L - Artikel-Nr.: 2050050/ 50 L - Artikel-Nr.: 2050051



Product Description / Characterization
Virtually odourless and skin friendly hydrocarbon mixture free of aromatic hydrocarbons and suitable for use on most surfaces. Industrial cleaning agent with very fast and uniform evaporation / drying for industrial use as solvent, degreasing and cleaning agent for industrial parts cleaning and degreasing of surfaces.

General Fields of Application

  • industrial parts cleaning and degreasing of surfaces
  • maintenance and repair of production facilities, conveyors, fittings, pumps, motors and other machine parts
  • repair and maintenance of various means of transportation, e.g. trucks, motor vehicles, rail vehicles, fork lifts and conveyor vehicles, agricultural and construction machines

Specific Applications
Ideally suited for work pieces that require further treatment (for instance paint work, adherence and surface treatment in industrial series manufacturing) in cases in which a quick drying without leaving any residues will be required.

Application-related Benefits

  • Cleaning efficiency - excellent for oil and grease contaminations
  • Evaporation - very fast and uniform
  • Residues - residue-free after the degreasing
  • Odour - nearly odourless (mild)
  • pH value - aqueous extract neutral
  • Metal Corrosion- none, as there are no reactive sulphur compounds 
  • Freezing point - very low, <-80°C
  • Surface tension - low, ensures ideal run and flow characteristics
  • Electrical conductivity - low, breakdown voltage >70 kV/cm, dried up to 200 kV/cm

Environmental and Workplace-related Benefits

  • Air hazard class - TA-Luft, class 5.2.5.
  • Decomposition in the atmosphere - fast, with a half-time of approx. 0.5 days (to carbon dioxide and water)
  • Water hazard class (WGK) = 1 (list classification) classification due to the Administrative Regulation on the Classification of Substances Hazardous to Water (VwVwS) from August 2005
  • Disposal - in the IBS disposal cycle as waste for recycling purposes
  • Aromatics content - extremely dearomatised (<0,001 percent by weight)
  • Flashing point - > 45°C
  • Air limit value - with 600 mg/m³ favourable according to TRGS 900 (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances / November 2007)
  • Skin friendliness - independent report on skin-friendliness is available
  • Circulation system - effective utilisation of solvent through multiple application


  • Food product approval: production process complies with the food law requirements according to FAD no. 21 CFR 172.882 and FDA no. 21 CFR 178.3530

Environment / Disposal
IBS Scherer GmbH is registered as a waste management facility according to § 52 paragraph 1 KrW/AbfG (Life Cycle Management Law / Waste Management Law) with the waste management agencies in all federal states. In the IBS disposal cycle, the used IBS special cleaning agent (junk goods) can be returned upon delivery of a new drum.

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