IBS Automatic Parts Washer WA 152-2

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Heatable for aqueous cleaning agents. Removes oil and grease contaminations in no time.
All purpose application for the fully automatic cleaning of large, heavy and heavily contaminated parts such as motors, transmissions, agitators etc. but also for small parts from the production, manufacture and maintenance, e.g. studs, sleeves or ball bearings. Thanks to the timer, temperature pre-selection as well as individually adjustable spray nozzles it is possible to customise the cleaning process to meet very different requirements.

The operation of the machine is straight forward as the cleaning process is fully automated. This allows skilled personnel to concentrate on the really important tasks.

Mode of Operation
The automatic parts washers’ reservoir tank is filled with a mixture of water and IBS Special Cleaning Agent (lye). Afterwards the polluted components are placed inside the rotatable cleaning basket and the machine cover is closed.

After setting the desired washing temperature and time, the device will start up and the aqueous IBS Special Cleaning Agent(lye) inside the tank will be heated up to the designated cleaning temperature. Inside the closed cabinet, the cleaning basket turns on its own axis at a constant speed. The pump unit delivers the lye with a high rinsing pressure through 6 stainless steel nozzle pipes with fan nozzles. Whilst the motor-driven cleaning basket rotates consistently, the parts and components are blasted intensively with hot lye from all sides.

The optimum combination of mechanical spray pressure, chemical exposure, temperatur and washing time assures the best cleaning results. After the cleaning process is finished, the machine switches off automatically.


  • 2 pump operation
  • 6 stainless steel nozzle pipes designed in three dimensions
  • robust stainless steel design
  • additional cleaning basket for very small parts made of stainless steel
  • rotating, motor-driven cleaning basket made of stainless steel
  • steam extraction
  • screening sheet with 2 filter baskets made of stainless steel located above the reservoir
  • water shortage safeguard
  • pneumatic lid-opening

This device complies with the requirements of the European Machine Directive and carries the CE-mark.

Options / Accessories
Other sizes in different designs, single and multi point front loading machine and optional accessories with special cleaning agent incl. disposal of used lye – on request.

Technical data

Basket diameter1400 mm
Tank capacity300 l
zulässige Korbbelastung350 kg (Auflastung auf 500 kg mögl.)
Temperature min. - max.0-60 °C
Flow pressure (pump)2,4 bar
Spray rate2 x 10800 l/h
Useful height800 mm
Power supply15,1 kW/ 400 V/ 50 Hz/ 32 A
Heating capacity12 kW
Dimensions (W x D x H)1905x2100x1500/2440 mm
Weight400 kg
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