Surface cleaner - P-AL

Removes contamination and oxide layers from aluminium, copper and copper alloys. Visible brightening of material.

  • Odourless and highly effective pickling agent for aluminium surfaces
  • Also suitable for other metals and alloys (i.e. brass)
  • It removes oxides, annealing colours and contamination
  • After the pickling process the surface is evenly brightened

Application and Dosage
P-AL can be either sprayed or dipped. 1 kg is sufficient for approx. 8 - 12 m². Depending on the alloy, dilutions between 1:1 and 1:3 are possible. The reaction time is under normal conditions 5 - 20min.

Recommendation: Make tests to find the optimum time of reaction and product mixture. Surface treatment with P-AL provides an optimum condition for subsequent painting or coating.

To note!
Do not use and store product under heat influence. Please observe the hazard and safety advise on container label.

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