Parts cleaning machine EcoCCube

Compact aqueous spray cleaning system

Equipment and process

  • Designed for single parts with different geometries 
  • The cleaning of the oil- and / or emulsion-contaminated workpieces can be done as rack goods or bulk material 
  • The cleaning effect of the medium used is supported by rotation of the product in the working chamber 
  • User-friendly front loading system with integrated manual loading device 
  • Freely programmable controller with 10 programs
  • Full-stream filtration

Additional equipment

  • Oil skimmer 
  • Full-stream filtration 
  • Floor tray 
  • Discharge pump


  • Effective cleaning and rinsing at short cycle times and long bath lives 
  • Compact system design ready for connection 
  • Optimized cleaning results thanks to shifted parts, also for damage sensitive parts 
  • Modern system design with integrated, intuitive HMI control panel
+359 32 34 25 55

+359 32 34 25 55

Office: Maritsa 154, 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Office: Maritsa 154, 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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